See what I see with ShareAnywhere Web Meeting screen sharing

Have you ever struggled to explain an area of your screen to your colleague on the phone? Or wanted assistance on how to resolve a technical issue on your computer with a remote assistant? Conversations frequently become lost in translation causing two separate people to look at two different areas of a screen in scenarios such as these.

Drum's ShareAnywhere web meeting screen sharing

Screen sharing eliminates the headache you can experience when ensuring all participants are looking at the same aspect of the document. Providing a see what I see environment, Drum’s ShareAnywhere combines an audio conferencing solution with screen sharing functionality ensuring you see exactly what your colleagues see. Extending beyond just verbal explanation, you can directly highlight aspects of the screen. Enhancing your web meeting collaboration, your web meetings become far more than just an online meeting area.

Screen sharing is one of the three presentation methods within ShareAnywhere. As such, meeting presenters and hosts are restricted to screen sharing when the meeting is not utilising an alternative presentation method. Your previous presentation will automatically be stopped when starting to share your screen.

ShareAnywhere does not require a download from either the meeting host or meeting attendees, however due to the complexity of ShareAnywhere, screen sharing does require a download. This is the sole download you will you are required to download. All updates are completed automatically without disturbing your meeting experience.

Sharing your screen with Drum's ShareAnywhere

Screen sharing is available to all meeting hosts and meeting presenters. This option can be found under the ‘more’ tab. Clicking the ‘screen share’ button will prompt you to download a small file to support this functionality. ShareAnywhere allows you to select which part of your screen you want to share. Provided with a black frame, hosts and presenters can expand/shrink the area of the screen being shared.

Drum's ShareAnywhere screen sharing

Share your screen today in ShareAnywhere and generate true-to-life meetings instantly inside your browser.

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