ShareAnywhere collaboration tools make web meetings better than a real meeting

Collaborating in real-time transforms a web meeting experience into a true-to-life experience. ShareAnywhere has a selection of annotation and collaboration tools enhancing the web meeting experience. These tools are designed to replicate the traditional collaboration tools you would experience in your face-to-face meeting.

Drum's ShareAnywhere web meeting collaboration tools

Collaboration tools can be utilised on two of the three presentation modes within ShareAnywhere (uploaded files and whiteboard). The tools available include:

  • Laser pointer
  • Pencil
  • Colour picker
  • Drag
  • Delete
  • Page navigation (for slides)

Each tool transforms a static meeting into a collaborative web meeting experience delivery tangible benefits and results. However, when is it best to use each tool?

Laser pointer

The laser pointer is a particularly useful tool to ensures all meeting attendees are looking at the same area within the document. A temporary marker ensures the document is not permanently placed on documents.

Drum's ShareAnywhere Web Meeting laser pointer


Directly drawing on documentation and circling key aspects directs all meeting attendees to the correct area as a point of reference. Permanently marking the documents act as a point of reference when reviewing documentation. For example, circle a key area on a spreadsheet when wanting to iterate specific figures.

Drum's ShareAnywhere web meeting pencil collaboration tool

Colour picker

Alternate between colours for levels of importance when raising an issue on your documents. Alternatively assign colours to a department within the meeting. Dedicate areas of each web meeting document with an assigned colour. The selection of colours include: Black, Red, Green, Blue and White.

Drum's ShareAnywhere web meeting colour picker collaboration tool

Drag tool

ShareAnywhere allows you to drag your pencil annotations to various places on the document. Rather than redrawing/circling the annotation users can simply drag the annotation to an alternative area on the document.

Drum's ShareAnywhere web meeting drag tool


Delete any permanent annotation you have made to your documentation. Using the Drag tool to select each specific item followed by clicking delete will remove the annotation. A good use of the delete tool is when a new member of the team is collaborating their thoughts on the documentation.

Drum's ShareAnywhere delete button

Slider navigation

Navigating through slides is simple with our ‘next’ and ‘previous’ chevrons at the bottom of the presentation area. These allow seamless presentations to be held within ShareAnywhere Web Meetings.

Drum's ShareAnywhere presentations tools

Utilise these tools today to transform your web meetings into a true-to-life meeting experience.

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