Generate ideas, build concepts… Or just collaborate with ShareAnywhere’s whiteboard

White-boarding has been a popular tool since the 70’s when an erasable marker was invented. The whiteboard struggled to gain popularity for the 20 years prior to that as ideas could not be easily erased or amended. The adoption of the whiteboard erupted with organisations worldwide using the whiteboard to generate ideas and build on existing ideas.

web meeting file uploads with Drum's ShareAnywhere

Why should you not have the same capability online? We have mentioned previously web meetings should directly replicate the face-to-face experience of a real meeting. White-boarding inside ShareAnywhere evolves the online experience into an immersive collaborative experience.

ShareAnywhere provides each host and presenter with the option to present a whiteboard into the meeting. With full access to the collaboration features, presenters and host can begin to ‘whiteboard’ and express ideas or concepts.

Creating a whiteboard is as simple as uploading a document. Clicking ‘more’ followed by ‘files’ in the top navigation bar will provide you with the option to create a new whiteboard.

Create a whiteboard with Drum's ShareAnywhere

When creating a whiteboard, ShareAnywhere provides you with the opportunity to set a name for each whiteboard. This is particularly effective when referring back to various different whiteboards at a later stage.

Whiteboard unique name

The whiteboard can be annotated on by each host and each presenter simultaneously to replicate the true face-to-face meeting experience.

Whiteboard collaboration tools

The selection of collaboration tools will be explained next time when we cover the specific of each tool and how best to use them.

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