Straightforward file uploads with Drum’s ShareAnywhere web meeting solution

Uploading files is essential for an effective web meeting, whether it be a powerpoint presentation or a PNG file. Uploading files into ShareAnywhere is as easy as drag and drop. Document uploads should be quick, efficient and easy. You should be able to upload documents from your local device but also from popular cloud storage service.

web meeting file uploads with Drum's ShareAnywhere

Inserting a file into ShareAnywhere could not be more dynamic or easier. The drag and drop feature ensured all presenters and the host can simply drag a file from a local file or desktop directly into the meeting.

Drag and drop with ShareAnywhere

Do you store all of your files in Google Drive or alternative popular cloud storage providers? Not a problem, ShareAnywhere connects directly to your Google Drive (once you have allowed access) allowing you to draw files directly from your cloud storage. No longer do you need to ensure the required files are local on your computer prior to the meeting. Google Drive is not the only cloud storage service.

Download from popular cloud service with ShareAnywhere

Here are a list of the major cloud storage services you can drag files from:

Box Drum ShareAnywhere
Cloudapp Drum ShareAnywhere
GitHub Drum Shareanywhere
OneDrive Drum ShareAnywhere
Google Drive Drum ShareAnywhere
Evernote Drum Shareanywhere
Amazon Cloud Drum Shareanywhere

All types of files can be annotated on in real-time with our host of annotation tools. Meetings do not have a file upload limit (other than fair usage). Start your next meeting now and collaborate on your important file to drive collaboration and meeting effectiveness.

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