To unlock or lock your web meeting?

To lock or to unlock your web meeting? Surprisingly, this is a big question asked time and time again. Meeting hosts seem divided on whether a meeting room should remain locked or unlocked. Can a web meeting truly replicate the experience of having an open meeting? A locked meeting can ensure only the correct attendees enter the meeting, but limits the possibility of meeting ‘stragglers’ from entering the meeting. An unlocked meeting keeps a relaxed and open environment, but can be prone to the wrong attendees entering the meeting. Whatever your choice, ShareAnywhere ensures it is straightforward when locking or unlocking your online meeting.

To lock or unlock a Drum ShareAnywhere meeting

ShareAnywhere meetings act differently depending on your ‘lock’ status. You can either have a free for all meeting experience or a strict management over who enters the meeting. Both of which are commonly used (all meetings are initially locked).

When would we suggest to lock your meeting?

Start every meeting locked. Understand who is in the waiting room and decide on who you want to join. Remove unwanted attendees from the waiting room and begin the meeting. Ensure the meeting remains locked if you are wanting to discuss confidential or sensitive information to a specific group of attendees.

Drum ShareAnywhere meeting locked

When would we suggest unlocking the meeting?

An unlocked meeting takes the pressure away from the meeting and the attendees. Attendees can freely join a meeting effortlessly without the meeting host accepting them into the meeting. An unlocked meeting can also provide a more relaxed environment. Attendees can easily join the meeting with no delay or effort from the meeting host. Keep your meeting unlocked when your discussions are not confidential and simply meeting online.

Unlocked ShareAnywhere meeting

What is ShareAnywhere’s preference?

It is too easy to say a locked or unlocked meeting is dependant on the use case. However, a locked and unlocked meeting will meet different use cases. Here at Drum we prefer a locked meeting. A locked meeting is more secure and can be controlled more easily. We host all of our meetings in a locked state to ensure only the right participants enter the meeting area.

The choice is yours! ShareAnywhere is as flexible as your business needs.

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