How important is it for you to have full control of the online meeting?

Controlling the meeting is paramount to ensure the utmost security. You can control who joins the meeting and how they participate in face-to-face meetings so why shouldn’t you have the same control with online meetings? The meeting host has full control over the meeting with ShareAnywhere. The meeting host creates the meeting and shares the meeting URL to only the participants. Meeting URL’s are just the first line of security for the meeting.

allow or evict attendees with ShareAnywhere

All participants are required to enter a waiting room prior to entering the meeting. The meeting host can allow participants to join the meeting or evict them. Attendees are recognised by their name in the waiting room.

Notification to evict an attendee

In addition, the host has the power to evict participants throughout the meeting. This feature is particularly useful for online meetings when beginning to discuss more sensitive information.

Evict attendee

The meeting security continues throughout the meeting. ShareAnywhere utilises WebRTC which has been dubbed as the most secure VoIP currently available. This predominantly reduces the chances of unwanted attendees entering or gaining access to the online meeting audio.

All of this meeting security will sit inside your portal or applications security procedures. More often than not, applications and portals have their very own user authentication process to identify users. Secure meetings ensure attendees can speak openly and confidently.

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