Meeting roles and what they mean in ShareAnywhere

ShareAnywhere strives to replicate the face to face meeting, a key feature is attendee roles within the meeting. We understand not everyone within the meeting will have the same responsibilities. As such, ShareAnywhere provides three different levels of meeting attendees reinforcing a true-to-life meeting experience.

Attendee roles with ShareAnywhere

The three meeting roles:


The meeting host creates and takes full control of the meeting. They have access to every feature within the meeting, including lecture mode. Lecture mode ensures the meeting attention is focused on the presenter. In addition, the meeting host can utilise the waiting room where each attendee will visit prior to entering the meeting. The waiting room allows the host to pre-screen attendees before allowing them to enter.


The host has the power to promote each meeting attendee to a presenter. The presenter has full presentation rights within the meeting including:

  • File upload
  • Document collaboration

The presenter role provides an attendee to deliver their thoughts and files to the meeting area. The host can demote presenters to an attendee at their discretion. The presenter does not have the same level of meeting control to the host.


Meeting attendees enter the meeting area as a participant with the capability to communicate via audio and video. However, meeting attendees do not have the authority to kick or allow participants into the meeting or upload and present documentation. The attendees role within the meeting is solely as a viewer rather than as a contributor.

Drum ShareAnywhere meeting roles

The meeting roles are represented by different icons next to their name. The meeting roles increase the true to life experience ShareAnywhere delivers. Take your meetings online with clear meeting roles and experience how a web meeting can replicate and improve upon a face to face meeting.

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