Waiting room functionality with online meetings on ShareAnywhere

Security and control over a meeting is essential for the meeting host with every meeting. Online meetings require extensive meeting precautions to ensure only the authorised people attendee the meeting and gain access to what can be sensitive information. Drum’s ShareAnywhere provides a unique functionality to ensure only the intended colleagues or customers attend the web meeting.

Waiting room functionality with ShareAnywhere Embedded Web Meetings

ShareAnywhere provides a unique waiting room for all meeting attendees to visit prior to entering the meeting. The host can view the waiting room from within the meeting whilst understanding who is currently in the meeting.

Try the waiting room functionality today!

Drum ShareAnywhere waiting room example

The waiting room provides a ‘pre-screening’ aspect to the meeting room. The waiting room is always active whilst the meeting is waiting to be started. However, the waiting room aspect can be turned off by ‘unlocking’ the meeting. This will allow people to join the meeting freely. In addition, members can be evicted from the meeting at the discretion of the host.

We understand the importance of having a secure meeting. The need to discuss critical and sensitive information in confidence. The waiting room is an additional security method stacked on top of a secure solution.

Enjoy free secure web meetings today!

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