Join ShareAnywhere with just a URL

Joining a meeting should be effortless. Joining a meeting should be instant. Web meetings should replicate the face to face meeting. Drum’s ShareAnywhere has been developed to ensure the meeting area can be accessed at a click of a button with no downloads or system requirements. Each major action to create the meeting can be completed at a click of a button. Sharing the meeting room is likened to sharing an address, the meeting URL takes you and your attendees directly into the meeting.

Join a ShareAnywhere meeting with just a URL

We provide two different types of URL’s. The first of which is the meeting host URL. ShareAnywhere meetings require a host to operate and manage the meeting. The host has full control and additional functionality within the meeting. Whilst attendees enter the meeting with a ‘guest’ URL. There are no requirements to sign up for an account or register with Drum. Guests simply enter their name and their email to be recognisable within the meeting.

Unique meeting URL with ShareAnywhere

The host has the ability to provide presentation rights to any of the attendees within the meeting. There is never a need for an attendee to re-enter the meeting as a presenter to gain additional functionality.

We do not consider a web meeting as a closed off area or an area which is not easily accessible. Drum ShareAnywhere provides all meeting attendees with the unique meeting URL within the meeting. Additional members of the team can be invited at any time, similar to inviting colleagues from within the same office.

Are you ready to hold true to life web meetings?

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