Drum’s ShareAnywhere introduces web based video communication with active speaker functionality enhancing the web meeting experience

ShareAnywhere is the embeddable version of Web Meetings. Throughout the development of Drum we have been increasing meeting functionality and collaboration. We will be writing about the new features and upcoming features to provide you with more information on how to make the most of Drum on a regular basis.

ShareAnywhere communication capabilities

This week we want to provide you with an overview of the web based video communication with ‘active speaker’ functionality, one of the key feature enhancements of Drum. We have developed a simple audio call into a visual video interaction with all meeting attendees. Continuing to use WebRTC, you are not required to download additional software to benefit from our audio and video communication. Remember, WebRTC is only supported by: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Bowser.

Drum's ShareAnywhere with active speaker video.

Our active speaker functionality is an add-on we have created for the video communication within the meeting. Using an algorithm, ShareAnywhere can understand who the active speaker is within the meeting to ensure only their video feed is being shown. This brings two benefits to your meeting experience.

  • All meeting attendees are focused on just one person, the person who requires the meeting attention.
  • The meeting bandwidth remains stable ensuring the meeting experience is not affected.

The aim here at Drum is to provide a true to life web meeting experience. Video and active speaker functionality drives the true to life experience onto your desktop or smart device with instant interaction.

You can use this new feature today on our demo page and experience how it will benefit you in your web meeting. ShareAnywhere now.

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