ShareAnywhere released! Embed web meetings into your website!

Drum are proud to announce the release of our new web meeting solution. ShareAnywhere is a web meeting solution which can be embedded into any website or portal. Drum now takes your web meetings from a third party supplier and places that directly into your branded experience. Stop directing colleagues and clients to an external service. Keep your sales calls and team meetings within your brand.

Try the Demo right here! ShareAnywhere demo

Whats more, ShareAnywhere requires no sophisticated or specialist coding knowledge. It is easy to install and start using. You are only required to insert one line of HTML coding with your unique API code into your desired page (we suggest keeping your web meeting solution inside an iframe). We are happy to offer assistance when inserting ShareAnywhere if required.

Over the last 18 months Drum has developed a host of new features and improved the online meeting experience, replicating a more real environment of a face to face meeting.
These new features include:

  • Timeline of meeting events
  • Meeting Replay
  • Waiting Room
  • Annotation tools
  • Presenter and attendee roles (with capability of promoting attendee to a presenter)
  • Video communication

You can now experience ShareAnywhere for free within our demo page. Invite your colleagues and collaborate instantly inside our website today – ShareAnywhere demo.

Simply contact us when you are ready to embed ShareAnywhere into your website or portal.

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