Importance of secure online meetings for financial brokers

Drum is the most secure method to host and visit online web meetings with audio and video. Drum widgets understands security is paramount for financial brokers. As such, we encrypt the communication when utilising Drum. The highest security is guaranteed to ensure information will not fall into the wrong hands.

As a financial broker, these conversations happen on an ever-occurring occasion. It is essential your conversations and confidential information remains confidential. After all, your business deserves the most secure and confidential way of communicating.

What can Drum Web Meetings do to ensure your conversations remain confidential?

Drum audio and video are made possible within your network with the use of WebRTC, dubbed as the most secure VoIP within the market. On top of this, Drum comes with a host of features to ensure the utmost security is guaranteed. Using HTTPS we ensure security is the main priority when communicating. The following features ensure your meetings are as secure as they can be.

Each meeting has its own unique URL. Only attendees with the specific URL will gain access to your meeting. Ensuring attendees without the required permission do not gain access to the meeting. In addition, you can control who has the chance to join and who does not with the waiting room.

All participants are required to enter a waiting room before they are accepted into the meeting (on the off chance an attendee gained access to the meeting). Allowing the host to ensure only the right members enter the meeting. Attendees can be moved back into the waiting room under the discretion of the chair. Know who is in the meeting and what they are doing. Status icons within the meeting informs the meeting of how each attendee is currently contributing to the meeting.

Drum allows the host to lock the meeting preventing additional people from entering the meeting once it has begun. However attendees can freely leave. To re-enter, the attendee must wait in the waiting room until the chair accepts them.

All attendees record their entrance tone to ensure they are identifiable by attendees currently within the meeting. These meeting tones can be replayed into the meeting at any point by the meeting host. Identifying who is in the meeting is critical when continuing with proceedings within a confidential environment.

All documents within the meeting are only accessible by the attendees who were supplied with the meeting URL. The encryption within Drum ensures it is one of the safest document storage systems preventing unwanted guests from accessing information.

All proceedings within the meeting are recorded. Not only recording your minutes for you but also records each action and decision. This can be referred to at a later stage as a point of reference. In addition, the meeting can be played back to members of the team who were unable to join replicating the meeting experience in real-time.

Secure meetings are paramount whether they be online or in-person. Would you have the confidence in a web meeting to ensure the outcomes remain confidential and secure?

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