Everyone will pay attention to WebRTC… When Apple does

Google has become the benchmark to show how we should run our websites and tell us what is effective and what isn’t. Apple in the same way, influences the wider audience to what technologies are useful and what to aspire to. Apple are also very clever in making us desire or actually need new technology that previously had not been a necessity to enjoy the smaller things in life. While we carry on with our usual method of completing certain tasks, Apple is there to tell us that we should be doing it in a different way, a more effective way! WebRTC appears to be no exception to the rule.

WebRTC has gained some serious momentum and the wider community are starting to see a genuine use for the technology. However there is still some resistance when it comes to businesses adopting the technology onto their mobile and online presence. On the back of a recent article from Tsahi Levent-Levi (over at https://bloggeek.me/) about why Apple is dragging its feet, we thought we would stretch this conversation into greater adoption and how Apple will ensure the technology is widely embraced.

Before the iPod, there were numerous MP3 players on the market, for some reason the mass market didn’t see a use or a reason to have such a device. Similar with the iPad, there were several tablets available, prior to Apple demonstrating how we all need an iPad in our life. It is the power (or just genius marketing) from Apple which will drive the wider adoption of WebRTC to the end users. Similar to previous landmark products and services.

Apple used iTunes to drive the iPod and later to help drive the iPad. Having sat back and watched the industry take shape iTunes gave their product the competitive advantage (as well as substantial marketing activity). If we are to follow previous trends and the current activity within the WebRTC market, Apple are playing the same cards as they have previously with products and services. This is not about their browser, Safari.

So why would Apple be interested in WebRTC?

iTunes connects your music to your device, ensuring your music is there to listen to whenever you need it. Not only has this driven brand loyalty but also driven cross business sales to different products. If anything, it has become an inconvenience for Apple product users to purchase an alternative brand device. Suddenly we are required to reload our music library to a second device or manually upload images to our desktop or cloud.

However, popular cloud services (such as Dropbox) have become adaptable ensuring photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud regardless of the device. Apple is aware third party applications are eliminating the need to stay within iOS.

iMessages have again attempted to unify all devices, by linking our call logs and messages between devices. But what Apple are really trying to do, is to eliminate the need for free messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and add an additional reason why all of your devices should be Apple. Not only does Apple have the reserves to endorse such a technology but it also has a substantial user where they can instantly place their WebRTC enabled product. Apple will soon create their own communication portal, compatible with Safari and will come as standard on all of our Apple products. This product will utilise WebRTC creating communication functionality between all Apple devices. It might even follow the product trend and and take the name of iTalk or iShare, but thats just us plucking ideas out of a hat!

Similar to the MP3 players, the wider audience will struggle to see a need for a WebRTC based service/product until Apple to provide us with their own version and show us how it will benefit our day to day lives.

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