Causes of an effective meeting

Meeting effectiveness and preparation is paramount to achieving the meeting objectives. Meetings can notoriously be ineffective due to lack of preparation and location of meetings. As such, we talk about what causes a meeting to be effective and how to prepare for a productive meeting.

How to achieve this:

  • Establish a location convenient for all attendees
  • Schedule the meeting at a convenient time
  • Prepare agenda and ensure all attendees have access to this prior to the meeting
  • Remain focused on meeting actions and aim towards goals
  • Ensure each attendee can join the meeting
  • Keep the meeting relevant to the topic
  • Provide visual aids where required
  • Provide previous meeting minutes
  • Include all meetings within the meeting
  • Start the meeting on time
  • Allow additional time for attendees who may arrive late
  • Invite only the relevant people to the meeting
  • Ensure the meeting has purpose
  • Agree on the purpose of the meeting
  • Provide an estimated meeting length

What the host needs in order for this to happen:

  • List of all attendees
  • Contact details of all attendees
  • Contact each attendee to ensure they are comfortable with joining the meeting
  • Explain each attendee role within the meeting
  • Create a central location for ease of access

Benefits of an effective meeting:

  • Meeting outcomes achieved
  • A structured plan for tasks agreed
  • Project to run smoothly and on time

Meetings can become vital to the success of a project and a business. Getting them right is crucial and using the right tools can help you. There are plenty of tools currently available within the industry to aid the effectiveness of a meeting. However, here at Drum we have created a tool to take your meetings online aiding many of the points to an effective meeting.

Try a Drum Web Meeting today and see how we can help you.

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