WebRTC is much more than free communication

WebRTC provides us with browser-based communication at a click of a button through our desktops/laptops and the expectancy of smart devices in the near future. It is a technology, which will revolutionise the way we communicate with one another. The capabilities with WebRTC are proving to be endless from the likes of money transfer right through to screen sharing capabilities.

WebRTC is evolving into a tool, which is far more than free browser based communication. Browser based communication will rapidly become part of our life style and the evolution towards a web based environment. As our social life rapidly moves online with the likes of Facebook and Twitter so will our business life for peer-to-peer communication.

We now have the same face-to-face possibilities online at our fingertips. WebRTC takes us beyond the need to commute and into an environment where our actions can be completed and recorded in real time. The availability of such technology can benefit all aspects of our day-to-day lives from talking to colleagues through to making a purchase.

In addition WebRTC is the most secure VoIP currently available. Security is a driving force within the Internet amongst those with sensitive information as well as general day-to-day users. WebRTC provides users with the most secure way of communicating online. This is particularly reassuring for private or sensitive conversations. Consumers have lost faith in email to ensure their information remains confidential whilst ‘snail mail’ does not arrive at the pace the modern world demands.

Prior to 2014, some may have argued that the main use of WebRTC was for web audio and web video. However 2014 saw the development of technology uses from money transfer right through to live text annotation. WebRTC provides so much more than just free communication. WebRTC brings us a host of feature rich products designed to enhance our day-to-day digital lives. The functions can overflow into our working environments to make us as employees more efficient and accessible.

Collaboration tools allow will us to work on documents in real time from remote locations. We spoke about how WebRTC could improve the working life balance earlier in 2014. Here (http://bit.ly/1pllKjb) we cover how web meetings can truly enhance your lifestyle.

WebRTC allows you to communicate with anyone on the web without being in the club with services such as Skype and WhatsApp. The wider community can talk in real time on current topics or business trends. The open communication creation will create a gateway between consumers and businesses. The wider community will gain instant accessibility where as before they may not have had the capability to do so.

The technology takes the click to call function into any browser (including IE in their next release) to support audio and video functionality as well a host of additional features. Here at Drum we have been focusing on collaboration tools and developing web meetings into a real time experience replicating the face-to-face meeting.

WebRTC can and will go beyond this as 2015 develops and the technology mature with early adopters such as AT&T releasing API’s (http://bit.ly/141EKQ6). Uses for WebRTC continue to increase and the imagination of developers continues to meet increasing demands.

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