IE community makes WebRTC a top idea for improving the IE experience

The importance of WebRTC is rapidly growing within both the telecommunications industry and for the end user. We have discussions with our partners and fellow professionals at exhibitions with regards to the technology. The true capability of WebRTC has been realised causing the demand to dramatically increase for products to compliment or replace existing solutions.

We understand the importance WebRTC will hold for communications moving forward. As such, we continue to develop our widgets to deliver instant communication and collaboration solutions installed within your website.

We also regularly interact within forums and blogs to understand the market trends and current demands. A really interesting stat got us excited. Once more it was Internet Explorer related (they attract approximately 8% of internet users) and the demand being seen for WebRTC capabilities. Their community has voted WebRTC functionality to be the fourth highest priority when moving forward. Not only is this demonstrating the need for IE to release an update supporting WebRTC functionality but also their audience want these capabilities.

This is potentially great news for the wider audience but also for Chrome. At first glance you may think it is bad news IE is being pressure to support these capabilities. However, in reality browsers who do not support the technology are holding Chrome back. Developers are reluctant to spend their time and skills perfecting software to support a service, which may die an early death, whilst users do not gain sufficient exposure to the capabilities of WebRTC.

We might not be expecting WebRTC functionality over night from the Microsoft browser due to the complexity involved when supporting the technology. WebRTC was also only the fourth item on the list. IE will undoubtedly spend their time on ‘ticking off’ items with a higher priority. Combining this with the news earlier on in the year developers can build confidence with WebRTC and its wider adoption across browsers.

The momentum towards WebRTC as a tool and a technology is continuously increasing. The technology used by applications such as Drum will soon become the norm for communicating to one another and with organisations. Undoubtedly IE will listen to their community and the pressures arising from competitors such as Chrome and Firefox.

Do you feel the momentum for WebRTC is increasing?

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