Will you use a customer walk through, via a WebRTC widget, to upsell your product?

It is seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer compared to retaining a current customer. An existing customer is not only cheaper to reach but also has an existing relationship, which can be utilised to upsell products. Upselling can be defined as the process to persuade your customer to buy either a more expensive item or a related product to increase the overall value of the basket. A video and audio interaction via the web can and will re-enact the high street shopping experience customers have enjoyed over the years. Shopping online can become a personal experience for all customers creating an opportunity to upsell your visitors as you would within a store environment.

Online communication providing a walk through for customers

Existing customers
Organisations continue to explore methods to strengthen their relationship with the in-store customer, so why not strengthen the relationship online as well? As mentioned above, it can be up to seven times more costly to acquire new customers then it is to retain your current customers. Replicating your in-store shopping experience with your online customers can build lasting relationships between your organisation and your customers. The service remains tailored with WebRTC audio and video increasing the life like experience of shopping on the high street.

Reading the customers thoughts and body language
Decisions and conversations can be guided and simplified through the understanding of the body language. With WebRTC video your e-customer will be better understood, as they would within the face-to-face interaction experienced in-store. Building on this understanding you can dictate the conversation to ensure you meet the customers needs. Without such interaction online your customer can quickly become disgruntled with the purchasing process and leave your website (check our recent article ‘Will onsite real time web collaboration empower insurance visitors?). Not only can this affect the current sale but also influence future purchases.

Understand the tone of their voice
From time to time the body language doesn’t provide the salesperson with enough information or insight into the customer’s thoughts. WebRTC audio provides the salesperson instant browser based audio and the capability of assessing the tone of the voice. The tone of the voice can determine whether the customer is happy with the purchase or has reservations. A happy customer can be up sold additional items whilst the salesperson can resolve any issue if the customer is demonstrating signs of backing out of the purchase.

Offer alternatives
Does your business regularly witness cart abandonment at the point of purchase? This can be caused by the realisation of the basket costs or second thoughts on the items within the basket. The instant availability of alternatives can retain a customer and continue the purchasing process. The customer can be offered a more affordable alternative. Particularly with items in the sale, the exact match may not have been available when searching online. The salesperson may also be interested in providing a discount voucher to complete a purchase if a customer is demonstrating extensive resistance to the purchase. These options provide the organisation and a salesperson to prevent cart abandonment and ensure the completion of more online sales.

Upsell accessories
Your onsite real time communication can now be used to start upselling products to your customers. The salesperson has the capability to recommend additional items to compliment the purchase whether it’s a pair of shoes for the outfit or an accessory for a TV. Your customer service/shopping assistant tool quickly becomes a sales mechanism to drive revenue to the business.

Recreating the in-store experience
Real time video can place the customer within a real store allowing the salesperson to visually walk the customer through the shop environment. Customers still enjoy visiting shops to experience the real life experience of shopping on the high street with a personal guide. Instantly engage with all of your customers online as you would in store.

WebRTC capabilities within your browser can be used beyond a customer service tool to start upselling and personalising the shopping experience for your online visitors. When are you going to offer your online customers the same experience as you’re in store customers? Do you see additional benefits to providing a real time communication portal to your website visitors?

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