Drum’s Blog is a 2014 Top 50 Web Conferencing Blog

GetVoIP, GetVoIP.com, a business communication comparison resource, has just published the list of the Top 50 Web Conferencing Blogs of 2014. GetVoIP explained the decision for selecting Drum:

“The decision to include Drum as one of the top blogs was based not only on the quality of the underlying service, but on the usefulness and creativity of the blog itself. Drum’s editorial team gives readers’ insight as the ever-increasing benefits of using their product, reports new developments in the world of tech, and also keeps readers up to date on what’s happening within their own company. In addition, Drum bloggers’ responded to any comments on their message board, answering any questions that users had.”

Drum recognised as an industry thought leader.

To compile the list of web conferencing blogs, GetVoIP looked at over 300 blogs, and determined how influential the blogs were on social media, the brand name recognition, the quality of content, and the timeliness of the articles. GetVoIP felt that Drum’s blog kept on top of industry-specific news, trending topics, and world events.

“Drum’s comprehensive blog answered many of consumers’ questions about how effective online meetings are and how to make the most of your meetings.”

You read what GetVoIP had to say about our blog right here: http://getvoip.com/blog/2014/09/16/top-web-conferencing-blogs

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