Is WebRTC set to help the flexible working family?

Employees are now craving a career providing the correct work life balance. Flexitime has moved employees closer to achieving the right work life balance, however does it fully satisfy the needs of employees or could more be done? WebRTC brings a wide range of capabilities directly into your browser. A tool such as Drum Web Meetings utilises these capabilities to deliver web meeting access directly through your browser. These features significantly help the work life balance when employees are working remotely

A web meeting/collaboration tool provides a similar if not identical feeling to having a meeting in person. Features included in a web meeting tool are likely to include: video, voice, presentation, document sharing, presentation mode, white boarding etc. Drum also allows you to store your documents in the cloud to act as a point of reference. A web meeting tool can help reduce your commuting time and costs whilst providing you with the opportunity to work from home on a regular basis and still collaborate with colleagues.

Both of these aspects will allow you to build ‘downtime’ into your schedule without it being disruptive to your working schedule. A web meeting tool can also be used to hold pre meetings to assess the feasibility of holding a more in depth meeting. We have all been to meetings, which could have easily been avoided if we had collaborated before hand. Not only would we have been able to focus on different tasks but in addition we could have spent more time at home with the family.

The three main benefits to a healthy work life balance include:

Work from home capability
Working from home offers a wide variety of opportunities you wouldn’t expect to realise when working from the office five days a week. Although it will be at the discretion of your employer, we are provided with the capability of doing so with a web meeting tool. Working from home just one day a week can save us our time taken to commute and spend this time with family or gaining the additional rest you need to recuperate.

Less time commuting
As mentioned, a web meeting tool has helped me and can help you reduce your commuting time to and from meetings. Holding web meetings with colleagues and prospective partners rather than face-to-face meetings puts you into the meeting at a click of a button. Removing the need to factor in the commuting time we can more easily allocate a meeting time and attend more important meetings on a regular basis. Time constraints can often lead us to select meetings we perceive to be more important than the next. These can often lead to missed opportunities. A web meeting or even a website widget will help you fit in more meetings and ensure you are on time to each meeting.

Never be late for a meeting again
You can access a web meeting from any web enabled smart device. When you have Internet connection you have access to your web meeting. Commuting can regularly be unpredictable especially in adverse weather. Our next meeting will no longer be reliant on efficient public transport or clear roads to ensure the meeting begins on schedule.

Why not introduce a web meeting tool into your business tool set to help you increase your work life balance and reduce costs. Joining Drum Web Meetings is free and you can host your first meeting today. Why not introduce your colleagues to Drum and see how a web meeting tool can help you improve your work life balance.

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