Will onsite real time web collaboration empower insurance website visitors?

We often visit a website and struggle to either find the correct information or make an informed decision. Sometimes the website layout can be at fault or our very own in-decisiveness can be the culprit of us ultimately leaving the website empty handed. I recently visited an insurance website for a renewal. Ten minutes after being on the website not only did I not really know what I was looking at but I had left the website. I would have preferred to have spoken with an agent directly on the website. This would have helped me overcome some if not all of the issues I encountered throughout the process and given the insurance company the opportunity to upsell.

This experience got us thinking here at Drum about how a real time web collaboration tool could help empower the visitor or the business? Here is how we think such a tool plugged in to your, such as a widget, website could help empower website visitors:

Resolving issues
We regularly encounter issues when looking to purchase online. For example, I was unable to find the exact model of car when I was attempting to renew my insurance. But I was unaware whether this would cause a great deal of conflict moving forward. A sales representative could have helped me here to overcome these issues and ensure my insurance application would continue in an effective manor. My difficulties would have been caught early enough to ensure I was not disgruntled when it came to the point of the process that mattered, paying.

Product recommendations
For example we have information displayed to us when looking to renew insurance with a long list of possible extras. We usually choose to ignore the majority of the options. The large quantities of options also leaves us slightly over loaded. Real time communication with a customer service assistant would have helped me to not only explain each additional extra but also make product recommendations.

Walk through of complicated documentation
The toughest part of renewing my insurance was looking through and understanding the complicated documentation. What is included and what is not included? What will I and won’t I be charged for? At this point I became confused with the process and stopped my purchase. Simple explanations and overviews , accessed via a widget on the website, from a sales representative would have made the process straight forward.

Completing the purchase
The purchasing process has been made as simple for us as possible. However we still encounter issues when pressing the ‘confirm’ button. Either we have not filled in the right information or experience second thoughts about potential add-ons that could appear! ‘Cart Abandonment’ is a common issue for organisations where customers fail to complete their online purchase. A friendly face and effective sales skills will discourage cart abandonment and ensure visitors complete their purchases on a more frequent basis.

What aspects of onsite real time communication would help both the business and the visitor?

  • Live Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Screen share

These features all provide the business with the opportunity to complete a sale with the customer as a free web meeting tool. The real time communication aspect of the widget re-enacts the face to face experience of visiting a shop. Email and customer query forms have rapidly become a service that is not responsive in a way the customer expects or the business wants to be.

A widget would have simplified the process and driven me to renew my insurance. However, without this direct assistance in what can be seen as a complicated purchasing process I left the website and procrastinated the purchase.

When could a widget have helped you to finalise a purchase?

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