How Drum helps you overcome the potential issues with Web Meetings

Hosting a Web Meeting can come with a whole set of separate issues to disturb your seamless meeting. These issues often disrupt your web meetings harmony and productivity. A web meeting is designed to make meetings simpler not more complicated! We came across Tripp and Tyler take on a Web Meeting and the issues we experience when taking part in a Web Meeting. Can you relate?

Drum Web Meetings works with you to remove any potential issues that can occur. We highlight the top issues we receive feedback about and how Drum helps you overcome these. The issues include:

• Technology requirements
• Software downloads
• Specific location
• On hold with Muzak

Technology requirements

Often web meeting tools require modern hardware on your desktop or laptop device. Implications of not having this hardware can include things such as; slow connectivity, delay in voice transmission and so forth. These slight implications create severe disruption in meetings and at times remove any benefits the meeting may have had. Imagine a web meeting tool with no technology requirements?

Drum is purely browser based. There are no technology requirements or specs your device needs to match. The only requirements is your device to have access to the internet with the use of a web browser.

Software downloads

Software downloads are quite often a stumbling block in web meetings. Current providers within the industry require you to down load software such as flash to ensure the meeting can go ahead. Not only does the download take time but there is no guarantee your computer or mobile device can run the specific piece of software. Drum utilises WebRTC. WebRTC is a browser based communication tool with no need to download or pre-install specialist software. No more are you required to spend lengthy periods of time downloading additional software to hold your web meeting.

Specific Location

Most web meeting/collaboration tools within the market currently only offer use via a desktop PC or a laptop. This is no issue when working from your desk or office. What if you were in the taxi heading to the airport? What would your plan of action be if you were heading home on the train but needed to attend a meeting? Most providers will not support you on the go via your mobile device. This can add to the inconvenience which web meetings are designed to remove. With Drum you can attend and access your meeting from any mobile smart device. You still have access to all of the revolutionary features, however with a mobile feel and look. Ensuring meetings are truly mobile and accessible.

On hold with Muzak

Are you left waiting for the meeting chair to arrive? Are you put on hold time and time again listening to Muzak? Muzak can not only be a distraction before a meeting but also set a mood of frustration. The on hold music is notoriously uncomfortable. This type of music is played into the meeting whilst you are waiting for the chair to arrive and initiate proceedings. In this time, several members who may have already be on hold could have discussed meeting topics.

Drum web meetings uses an open meeting concept. Once you have entered the meeting you are ‘in the room’ and can openly talk with other members in the meeting. This emulates the experience you would have in a natural meeting. Do you want to put an end to the music played whilst waiting for the chair to initiate the meeting?

Hold your first web meeting now across all smart devices to have your next effective open web meeting Muzak free. There is no cost to join and utilise Drum!

Please contact Laurence Chandler if you would like to find out more about Drum, whether you want to become a service provider or discover more about its features.

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