Visiting Brazil for the World Cup yet worried about the business you are leaving behind?

Fear not!

Drum Web Meetings will ensure you don’t miss being there and witnessing the live experience of England going out on penalties whilst you continue to ensure your business back home in England runs smoothly.

There are fewer things more certain than England being knocked out on penalties at a tournament. But what you can’t be sure of is the smooth running of your business back in England in your absence. Emails will only go so far and roaming charges in Brazil are enormous!

The typical spend to follow England through the group stages alone is expected to reach £5,000, and that’s without paying for your costly conferencing calling back home and the privilege to listen to Muzak. What happens when the conference call ends? Can you refer back to anything? You are going to have to wait for the next call before you can recap!

What if we told you that by using your hotels wifi before you head out to the game, you could combine your conference call with a web meeting all for free?

Drum Web Meetings allows you to use free web calling, upload or view documents, record your actions and many other great functions so that you can keep on top of what’s going on back home at work. And you can refer back to this meeting time and time again.

And Drum Web Meetings can be accessed by any desktop or smart device from anywhere in the world – just make sure you are using wifi for the most cost effective experience possible!

You no longer need to worry about running your business back home when you can run it next to the pool side as your celebrate England beating Italy in Manaus.

Sign up for a Drum beta account now!

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