The tangible benefits of a web meeting

Let’s face it. It’s not getting any easier at work is it? Who isn’t under more pressure to increase efficiency, work longer hours, get more done and get it done faster.

Driving business is tough when key decisions require key stakeholders to agree with one another – yet email and messaging is becoming sluggish. Getting in front of someone is hard when they are not in your building. And they may not have time to travel over to you. Sending important information and documents means they have a chance of being lost and damaged when in transit or sitting idle in the office. Printing additional copies not only cost money but also cost time. And who reads all their emails these days (well some people do).

Just attending meetings can be a drain on your time, company resources. Meetings can also be costly, especially with a large quantity of employees required to attend.

Then there’s the ever-growing social pressure to be green and demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility. The growing social pressure to be environmentally friendly and reserve the environment we live and work increases on a daily basis. Lengthy commutes to a meeting causes air pollution with the use of public transport.

That’s why the use of web meetings has exploded. Web Meetings dedicates a specified time slot for each attendee to discuss in real time. There is no delay in response and feedback can be instant. Documents are regularly used within meetings, to help decisions, which become easier with a one-location storage within the meeting. Digital copies can be centrally stored and viewed online with a Drum web meeting.

Web meeting participants are free to join the meeting from any location whether it be in their home or work environment. With no costs incurred from potential transport or additional business costs such as meals and accommodation. Not only will attending meetings remove the need to travel but also increase the efficiency of employees with desk time increasing. No time is lost commuting and overcoming additional barriers incurred when attending external meetings whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

A web meeting tool can quickly become part of your CSR strategy and give back to the community. The benefits of using web meetings is incremental to growth and overall business performance.

So what does this all mean for you and your business?

Your company will make decisions quicker and increase the efficiency throughout the organisation. Web meetings are a low cost and efficient alternative compared with face to face meetings. The cost of commuting (both time and monetary value) is instantly removed with web meetings.

You can start your first web meeting now with Drum. Create a free account and invite all your attendees. All we ask is for your feedback on Drum and your web meeting to help us continually improve Drum.

Please contact Mark Daley if you are interested in becoming a Drum Service Provider on:
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