Drum Web Meeting feature release – May 2014

Here at Drum we listen to your feedback about how Drum web meeting can be improved to further support you. We have been working tirelessly throughout April to meet some of the more common requirements.

These include:

  • 12 hour clock
  • Time zone booking
  • Alternative dial in numbers 

12 hour clock

Drum now supports a 12 hour clock format. You have the capability to save your meeting time in a.m. and p.m. To alter the clock format simply visit your profile settings.

The 24 hour function is still available for users and will not be phased out.

Time zone booking

Drum now saves your meeting in local time set by your location. Each attendee will see the meeting time in their local time rather than yours. No more do you need to work out the time difference between two separate locations world wide.

For example, John creates a meeting in New York 12pm (EST). Mark, in London, will see the meeting time at 5pm (GMT).

Alternative dial in numbers

Drum has adapted the process of selecting dial in numbers. You now have the choice to select from a range of local dial in numbers depending on your location. Not only does this help keep convenience but also keeps your costs to a minimum.

You can set your default location within your profile settings. It is also possible to select the dial in number for each meeting. For example: You can select United States for your meeting in New York and select United Kingdom for your meeting in London.

What would you like from Drum?

We are always looking for ways to improve Drum. Get in contact with us either via the normal social media channels (at the footer of the page) or send us an email at info@thisisdrum.com.

Why not log in to your web meeting account now and view these updates for your self!

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