Is WebRTC the next big thing in customer communications?

WebRTC has generated diverse commentary labelling the phenomena as revolutionary, game changing, even a fad as well as many other interesting comments. But one thing is for sure, it dangles the possibility of opening up a new way to quickly communicate in real time with new and existing customers.

But is it really the next big thing in customer communications for functions such as sales and care?

To understand how WebRTC might improve the customer communication experience, we need to examine what potential issues or problems exist at the moment. For instance there are a number of barriers preventing sales and customer communications right now such as knowing your organisations phone number, procrastination of the customer, and even the customer unlocking or locating their phone. Any form of call cost can also prevent a potential sales call. And the thought of hanging on the end of a line has seen staggering growth in satisfaction levels in support mechanisms such as Chat.

When attempting to communicate with a company in the web space, who hasn’t experienced the frustration of trying to describe what you are looking at? And what about the things we haven’t even thought of, such as ‘here is the number, now go and pick up your phone and make a call to me which you will probably pay for in some form’.

So what does WebRTC add to the equation? There are a number of functions that WebRTC can extend access to for customers without having to download anything such as:

  • Click to call,
  • Video calls,
  • Chat windows,
  • Even see what I see desk top sharing.

Not only that, WebRTC enables the transfer of files from point to point. Its true that these functions are already available but not with the ease of access that WebRTC provides.

So what does this mean for a customer? Well, there are many benefits if you are planning to communicate with a company and you are starting at a web site. Being able to simply click or press to make a call is the obvious use and is even more attractive if you are using wifi where there are absolutely no incremental charges to the caller. But at the same time, what about if I need to show the extent of repairs required to a plumber.

Certainly the event of face to face customer service is growing and offers an interesting differentiator to service oriented companies. With a simple see what I see capability, perhaps the days are gone where you had to try to describe what you are looking at on the screen – no more having to do a screen dump and then email it for the customer care agent to see what you see.

Who would have thought online help chat would be the breakthrough customer care service it has become. WebRTC functions offer up the same opportunity.

What if your customers walked away from every query feeling satisfied and happy their problem has been resolved whilst increasing their expenditure with you – and if WebRTC can help with that isn’t it worth considering?

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