WebRTC Global Summit 2014 – A review from Drum

The WebRTC Global Summit was a landmark event for 2014, being the first event of its kind not only in the UK but possibly Europe and the rest of the world.

With a particular emphasis on the Telco world, WebRTC as both an opportunity and a threat was explored and a number of inspiring presentations were delivered.

Key highlights included:

  • The WebRTC roadmap
  • A number of large Telcos are already building WebRTC capable applications
  • Monetisation opportunities is still an open question
  • Live demos of WebRTC

If you weren’t aware, John Logsdon was a panellist discussing ‘Advantages of WebRTC in Enterprise’. John’s key talking points included highlighting the ability for Enterprise to extend their customer care capabilities and experiences; and questioned whether there were any more secure VoIP protocols than WebRTC.

Tsahi Levent-Levi (Bloggeek.me) summarised the event by suggesting ‘The Telecoms industry sees WebRTC more as a challenge than an opportunity’. You can see Tsahi’s thoughts here.

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