WebRTC – ABI Research announce Apple and Microsoft will not ignore market opportunity

Apple and Microsoft, thanks to NetDev,  will not ignore the market opportunity for WebRTC according to ABI Research, a technology market intelligence company.

This week they published a report titled “Future of Voice and Messaging – WebRTC and Telco APIs” which predicts that 4.7 Billion Mobile WebRTC Devices will exist by 2018 with despite any open support from Apple and Microsoft.

ABI Research believes that major carriers such as AT&T and Telefonica, leading infrastructure providers like Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson and new WebRTC application providers in like of Teledini and NetDev are driving the technology forward. So even though Apple and Microsoft haven’t commented on the new open source technology, which delivers high quality audio and video capabilities to desktop and mobile browsers, in the end, they believe Apple and Microsoft will not ignore the market opportunity for WebRTC.

ABI Research believes major trends will start to form within the enterprise market with WebRTC with companies willing to implement the new technology to aid productivity and reduce communication barriers within the workplace.”

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