Drum web meetings launches today!

We’re delighted to have launched Drum at the WebRTC Conference in Paris today!  Here’s the full press release:-

NetDev launches disruptive, viral web meeting solution for mobile operators to address enterprise market
NetDev, a leading telco apps developer, has launched a disruptive, viral audio and web meeting service for mobile operators.  The service, DRUM, enables mobile operators to expand the small business and enterprise opportunity by growing traditional revenues from voice minutes while building income from a new cloud based subscription service.
DRUM supports the whole lifecycle of meetings, making it easy and effective to collaborate with colleagues and customers. DRUM acts as a central repository for every meeting a user attends.  With an integrated audio conferencing capability, DRUM allows users to create meetings, present documents, take notes and, assign tasks, before, during and after to support the entire meeting lifecycle.  DRUM is an HTML5 application, which means users can access and use it without needing to download software or plugins.
The audio conferencing component of DRUM is a software solution that can be deployed on mobile operators’ networks. This ensures that operators control call quality while broadening the relationships they have with their existing subscribers. It also allows operators to monetize non-subscribers who dial into the web meeting. Operators retain control over how to bill for the service and whether to bundle it into their subscribers’ existing minutes and price plans or offer as a premium Enterprise service.
DRUM’s web component is a fully hosted cloud service that mobile operators can provide to their subscribers without having to invest in any infrastructure.  Its low-risk commercial model is wholly flexible, offered to operators with no up-front costs or licence fees. The audio conferencing component will be available on a revenue-share basis and the web component is offered as a flexible subscription.
“Mobile operators have yet to fully tap into the enterprise and small business market, but DRUM gives them the opportunity to both extend usage of traditional voice services while monetizing a new enterprise cloud  service,” said John Logsdon, CEO and Founder of NetDev.  “One of the most exciting aspects of DRUM for operators is that it enables mobile devices to become central to enterprise collaboration through both audio and web. It also extends the operator’s influence beyond mobile devices, into the fixed office environment.”
For modern browsers enabled with WebRTC, users can choose to click to join the audio conference directly from the DRUM web app.  Thanks to this blended audio conferencing, operators have the opportunity to monetise their own OTT service through DRUM and stay ahead of competitive, next-generation voice applications.

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